Life in Italy by an expat turned Italian


The experience of a foreigner who has chosen to live and work in Italy: a beautiful country.

Every day since I was 15, I was looking around me, and felt that I didn't fit in that society.

Maybe because of Victor Hugo, maybe because of Hemingway,  maybe because of Titus Livius,  but I felt my destiny is to leave the Carpathians for the Alps, and when I was just 19, I decided to immigrate!

Wasn't an easy choice,  and wasn't easy at all, I had more or less 400 $, when I reached Verona! But when I had my first coffee in Piazza Bra, I knew I took the right decision!

I felt that I belong here, and now after almost 20 years, I am attending my first Opera in the Arena! Before the Covid I took everything for granted,  and focused on work, work and making money, now it's time to prioritise life and what makes me happy!

I feel privileged to assist such an event, Placido Domingo in such an magnificent Roman Colosseum!
Life is precious,  do what it makes you happy !

And If you want to see Italy through my eyes, and feel Italy like I do, book your experience with my agency!

I'll make sure it's going to be something unforgettable!

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