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Soave is the third tourist center in the Verona area after Verona and Lake Garda.

The fame of the village is linked to the wines and the castle of the Scaliger era, which make it an ideal destination for a trip, together with our tour guides from Soave.

In Roman times the foothills and valleys around what is now the village of Soave were affected by centuriation and small settlements. Where today the castle stands there was probably a watchtower that controlled the traffic on the Via Postumia from a strategic position.

In the aftermath of the collapse of the Empire, the barbarian tribe of the Swabians settled here, Suebi according to the classical pronunciation, from which derives the name of the town and not, as many think, from the sweetness of the wine that is produced here.

The mountain near the plain continued to host sighting and defense towers until a real castle was built in the Scaliger era with walls that envelop the whole town.

Beginning in 1405, Soave, like the entire territory of Verona, came under the dominion of Venice but was easily conquered by the imperial troops during the wars of the Cambrai league in 1508. Returned to Venice, the castle, rendered useless by the progressive introduction artillery and the change of military strategies, was abandoned.

We will visit the castle and the surroundings, we ll visit 3 wineries, and we ll close the day at one of my partners, world famous Pizzeria, for dinner, after that I will drive you back to the hotel or your address!

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